Teacher Profiles



In 2014, Alex finished her instructor training and started teaching The Pole Gym after being a student since 2011.  One of our most loved teachers who is friends with everyone, Alex started dancing very young in Hungary.  Her dance background was first in jazz, then moving on to ballroom and then hip hop which led her to performing with dance crews and in theatre productions.


What can Alex be found doing most often at the studio? I’m have a huge passion for dancing and grooving! I love taking dance classes on and/or off the pole. My favourite style is hip hop – Urban Pole – however I do enjoy teaching jazz & contemporary style as well.


What does Alex love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? I consider it a great honour to be a teacher at my favourite studio!! It’s super rewarding to see people starting out as level 1 students and in a few short months developing skills that they never thought they could master. I usually teach beginner classes and casual classes. I especially enjoy teaching the fitness type casuals and dance classes that The Pole Gym has to offer.


What is Alex’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City? I honestly think pole dancing is one of the best ways to forget about the stress or problems of everyday life. Our studio has a friendly, fun environment with people being very supportive with each other.


What is Alex’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Just try it 🙂 You gonna love it! It’s not just another gym – pole buddies are for life!



Ali started pole in 2011 and immediately after her first Pole Mania class she was, as she puts it, “obsessed”. After a couple of years, Ali started teaching and in 2013 competed in the Amateur division of the Queensland Pole Championships.  Although injury has prevented Ali from continuing with competitive level pole, she continues to teach her very popular casual classes and lower level pole classes.  Ali is one of the most energetic and bubbly teachers you will come across!


What can Ali be found doing most often at the studio?

I like to think that my classes are a wild, ridiculous, fun but still technical in regards to technique and muscle development whether it is a level course or one of my fitness classes. You will find me teaching Core, Shake It Up or generally anything involving booty work that makes you sweat  And talking about ‘Traffic Lights’


What does Ali love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym?

I loved the combo of dance, strength tricks, the fun gym environment and the actual appearance of abs, quads and guns hehe.


What is Ali’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City?

Our staff are amazing! We have fun, get crazy, work hard and help each other. There is such a vast range of personalities, teaching styles, experience levels and talents that we will always can always look after each and you as students also benefit from this random collection of awesome ladies!


What is Ali’s tip for when you’re just starting out?  

Everyone’s bodies and brains are different so take your time and don’t gauge your progress on anyone but you!



Amy Pearce is the owner and director of The Pole Gym Brisbane City, as well as a director of The Pole Gym studios brand overall.


Amy started pole dancing in clubs in 2003 and by 2005 was head pole instructor for one of the first pole studios to open in Queensland. With a background in music, theatre and dance, the modern world of pole was (and still is) fascinating to Amy.  Pole sport and Pole art have developed into broad and popular styles and even classic style sexy pole has evolved into so many different sub-styles of its own over the years.


Intent on creating a supportive environment that celebrates all styles of Pole, Amy completed qualifications in Fitness, Zumba and Pilates to complement her dance and choreography training.  She became the owner of the city studio in 2009 after having been involved with running it since 2006.


In 2010, she collaborated with other directors to create The Pole Gym brand. In 2016, Amy was awarded the title of Pole Industry Person of the Decade, but her biggest pride is the pole family and community she has been able to foster at the studio.


What can Amy be found doing most often at the studio?

I’m not in as much as I used to be, after stepping back a little bit to have a baby! But when I’m in you’ll see me running around doing pretty much anything and everything from admin, to choreography, to training and teaching (aside from high level competition style pole tricks which I leave to the grads teachers!)


What does Amy love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym?

I’m known for going into an extreme level of detail when teaching pole tricks and for challenging students with lots of choreography.  I guess what I love most about being a teacher is when I can see that what I’m doing is helping someone with their progress.  I love seeing my students perform, because I believe it really helps them grow and understand Pole a lot better.


What is Amy’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City?

Our inclusiveness, our variety and the incredible depth we have developed into our program from having been here as a second home to our Pole students since 2006.  We have wonderfully talented and friendly staff that I’m very proud to have on board representing the studio. The staff and students (particularly the long-term students that have been here for years) are what makes the studio the amazing place it is.


What is Amy’s tip for when you’re just starting out? 

Many people start with a goal of doing Pole for fitness and fun. And then once they start the levels they assume they need to rush up through each level to get to the “end” which is deemed to be level 8.


In reality, there’s no “end” to Pole just like there’s no end to tennis or other sports.  You become the best you can be at it by, training hard doing the movements that are best suited to where your fitness is currently at and slowly moving up from there as your strength, flexibility and coordination increases. And you stick to your training by making sure you do something that’s fun. And Pole is so much fun, as long as you stop to enjoy each moment and try out lots of different styles (even styles you didn’t think would be to your taste!), instead of being in a rush to reach a certain level. So, my tip is, don’t be in a rush. Enjoy your Pole journey 🙂


Oh – and perform at every opportunity!



Caitlyn started pole in 2014 at The Pole Gym Brisbane City and has blossomed into a friendly and dedicated instructor. As one of our newest instructors, Caitlyn brings a fresh approach to her classes and is very devoted to her students.


What can Caitlyn be found doing most often at the studio? You can find me at the studio more nights than not playing on the poles!


What does Caitlyn love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? I love seeing students have “lightbulb” moments when a trick clicks and they find that they’re capable of more than they thought!


What is Caitlyn’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City? The Pole Gym Brisbane City feels like a home away from home, and is always happy to welcome new members of the family.


What is Caitlyn’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Remember that it’s about YOUR pole journey, not anyone else’s.



Mayu started pole at The Pole Gym Brisbane City in 2010.  As a graduate of Human movement studies (bachelor of science), with a strong background in dance, it was clear from early on that Mayu had the potential to become a pole instructor for us and by 2011 she had already begun teaching classes.  As well as being an amazing pole teacher at our studio, Mayu is also freelance circus performer, teaches ballet to children and circus/aerial to both adults and children. If you get the chance to watch Mayu dance, don’t miss it – it’s a beautiful thing to see!


What can Mayu be found doing most often at the studio? I love hearing about students’ proud moments and new challenges.


What does Mayu love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? I love helping students get stronger and seeing them gain confidence both physically and mentally whilst having fun.


What is Mayu’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City? Course and casual classes are a lot of fun and it’s a nice place to find your training buddies to keep you motivated.


What is Mayu’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Celebrate any small wins, even about turning up to your class every week.

Miss S

Miss S started pole and aerial acro in 2012 at Suzie Q Pole Studio in Sydney and joined The Pole Gym Brisbane City team in 2014. As well as being an incredible pole instructor, Miss S has also practiced Yoga for many years and is a qualified Yoga instructor.


What can Miss S be found doing most often at the studio? Pole, Yoga and some acro!


What does Miss S love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? I love watching my students progress. The smile on their face when they achieve something they never thought they ever could.


What is Miss S’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City? The increase in strength, flexibility and change in physique will be unbelievable. It’s so much fun and you’re so focused on achieving a move that you’ll have exercised, intensely, without even realising. It’s also such an amazingly friendly and supportive community.


And Miss S’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Just do it! I signed up one day on a whim after having seen Suzie Q and Toby J performing a trapeze act at El Circo. It was meant to be a fun thing I did for 1 term with a friend and forgot about, but many years on, I couldn’t imagine my life without it or the friends I’ve made along the way!


Naomi aka Nomes

Naomi, also known as “Nomes” or “Nomi”, started pole as a fun girls night out in 2014, fell in love with it and has been doing pole fitness ever since.  In 2015 Nomes started pole competition training and by February 2016 she had won her first title as the Pole Expressions (state amateur competition) Open Women’s Champion.  Since then, Naomi has started teaching pole at multiple studios in Brisbane and is absolutely loving it!


What can Naomi be found doing most often at the studio? Conditioning. I love conditioning.


What does Naomi love most about being a teacher at the The Pole Gym? It’s an amazing feeling to see my own students progress and nail things they never thought they could. It’s very rewarding for me, and a blessing to be a part of their journey.


What is Naomi’s number one reason you should join the pole gym Brisbane City? It’s fun! There aren’t many avenues of fitness that are as much fun as pole dancing. It’s a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun at the same time.


What is Naomi’s number one tip for when you’re just starting out? Don’t give up. Sometimes a particular trick can seem out of reach. But we all have nemesis tricks, and we all have to do the hard work to finally get them… and when you do, it’s the BEST feeling of accomplishment.


Ruth started pole in 2011 at The Pole Gym Brisbane City and has been part of the studio family ever since. After completing her in house instructor training as well as her fitness qualifications, she is now one of our most highly regarded instructors.


What can Ruth be found doing most often at the studio? I’m partial to the Pole Classic style of pole fitness and love teaching anything in heels.  I also have a particular soft spot for helping students who struggle with their pole tricks or who generally take a little longer to get the hang of things.


What does Ruth love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? I love seeing the excitement in our students when they learn a new trick or find that they can do something they hadn’t thought they were capable of doing. I also love seeing people getting stronger and more confident – and appreciating their body for what it can do, not just how it looks.


What is Ruth’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City?  Because it’s genuinely a lot of fun, and it’s addictive!


What is Ruth’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Have an open mind – and don’t assume you could never be good at it! You might just surprise yourself.


Stevie has been poling since 2007 and teaching at The Pole Gym Brisbane City Studio since 2010. After completing her instructor training, Stevie has dabbled in pole competitions, performances, choreography and curriculum development. Often booked out for private lessons as well as her course classes, the studio wouldn’t be the same without Stevie.


What can Stevie be found doing most often at the studio? Most often you’ll find me in the studio helping students perfect their tricks or bring out their inner rock goddess in performance! Occasionally you might spot me spinning or hanging around in a twisted position, working through tricks breakdowns for our advanced Graduate students! Don’t worry though! There’s lots of preparation and training before you face those crazy challenges!


What does Stevie love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? Pole fitness is awesome for physical fitness, but what I love most about pole dancing, both for myself and my students, is seeing my students really nail a trick for the first time; whether it’s that first controlled climb or a powerful shouldermount; nothing beats the high of executing a new trick really well!


What is Stevie’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City? If you’ve ever thought about trying pole dancing, rock on down to TPG City studio. We’re a community of lovely open people and you’re welcome to come and pole with us!


And Stevie’s tip for when you’re just starting out? We don’t pole dance because we’re strong; we get strong because we pole dance!



Tami is our head instructor of Lyra (Aerial Hoop) at The Pole Gym Brisbane City. Along with the wealth of aerials experience and knowledge Tami brings to Lyra classes, she also teaches some of our stretch, conditioning and acro classes.


Tami started lyra over 13 years ago and has been working professionally as an aerialist for most of that time. She joined a travelling circus when she was 16 (“yes, I literally joined a circus!”) and taught herself for the first year. After two more years she moved back to Brisbane and has been based here since. She is the owner/performer/creative director of Aerialicious and works with a wonderful team of talented artists (including fellow The Pole Gym instructor Mayu).


What can Tami be found doing most often at the studio? You will normally see me dangling from that hula hoop looking thing that hangs from the roof aka Lyra!


What does Tami love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym? I have been teaching lyra classes at The Pole Gym Brisbane for over 5 years. I love teaching pole students Lyra as they are always enthusiastic and willing to give it a go!


What is Tami’s number one reason you should try Lyra at The Pole Gym Brisbane City? Lyra is very complimentary to pole and many things transfer over. It has its differences and new challenges too! And I can always make things harder (mwahahaha). That said, it is also great for those just starting out as there are plenty of easier moves to work on while you build strength.


And Tami’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Just give it a go! Love it or hate it I promise you will have fun and get a great workout. Oh and bring long pants!


Tammy aka Bam Bam

Tammy Grindlay, aka BamBam, joined us at the studio after moving to Brisbane. Already an advanced poler and a talented dancer, it wasn’t long before Tammy joined the teaching team.


Tammy now teaches at several Brisbane pole studios as well as finding time for competing in state and national level pole competitions (and her day job!).  Tammy is also a qualified PT.


Her titles include: 2016/17 Miss Pole Dance Sponsors Choice 2016 Queensland Pole Champion 2016 Miss Pole Dance – 1st runner up 2015 Queensland Pole Championships – 1st runner up amateur 2015 Miss Pole Dance QLD – Amateur champion


What can Tammy be found doing most often at the studio?  Stretching or smiling evilly as I “torture” people with my latest favourite conditioning exercise.  They keep coming back for more so it can’t be so bad! 😛


What does Tammy love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym?  I love the supportive environment of The Pole Gym.  I moved to Brisbane not knowing many people. From my very first class I felt welcomed and part of the family and before I knew it I had more friends than I could count!  I love teaching there because I am able to give back to a community that has given so much to me!  I love to help spread the message of self love and show people how amazing their bodies are!


What is Tammy’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym Brisbane City? It will change your life!  I’m not kidding.  First of all pole itself has a profound effect on your self confidence – teaching you to love your body for what it can do rather than what it looks like!  And second of all – the community.  You will meet so many amazing and supportive people.  Never before have I encountered a community more accepting and non-judgemental.  EVERYONE is accepted! it doesn’t matter what you look like or your gender, ethnicity, sexuality etc.. – you will become part of the family.


What is Tammy’s tip for when you’re just starting out? Don’t compare yourself to anyone (even your instructor).  Yes you might find the pole slippery, yes you may struggle with some tricks.  This is normal and you are not the exception!


I always come across the comment “you make it look so easy” when teaching newbies – I should!  If I couldn’t after over 6 years of poling I would be seriously questioning my training methods! We all start with the same struggles – but when you conquer them – well it makes the victory that much sweeter!

Tiffany Downes


Tiffany Downes has over a decade of experience in the pole industry.  She started out as a student with no dance or gymnastics background, fell in love with the sport, dedicated lots of time and energy to her passion and soon trained to become an instructor.  Over this time she has been lucky enough to perform and teach classes all over Australia as well as overseas.  Also a qualified fitness instructor, Tiff currently teaches at several studios around Brisbane and is a very much loved teacher at The Pole Gym Brisbane City.


Tiff is also very well known for her work as part of the dynamic pole duo “Enchanted”. Ruth Mansfield is the other half of the doubles team, and occasionally we are lucky to have Ruth teach at the studio as well!  Enchanted’s titles include:


2016 Queensland Pole Performers of the Decade

2015 Paragon International Pole Championship Doubles Champions

2015 Pole Candy Pro Doubles Champions

2013 International Pole Championship Ultimate Doubles Champions

2013 Australian Pole Fitness Championships Open Mixed Pairs Champions

2013 Queensland Pole Championship Group Division Winners

2013 Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles Champions

2012 World Pole Sports Doubles Champions

2012 International Pole Championship Doubles Pole Fit Champions

2012 1st runner up – Australian Pole Fitness Championship Open Mixed Pairs’

2012 Miss Pole Dance Queensland Doubles Champions

2011 Asia Pacific Pole Dance Open Pairs Champions

2011 Pole Candy Semi-Pro Doubles Champions

Enchanted are also proud brand ambassadors for X-Pole Australia


What can Tiff be found doing most often at the studio?

Teaching tricks, though I love to dance I wouldn’t say I’m a natural at it.  I’m a stickler for tricks technique and love helping to trouble shoot and put the puzzle together to help people achieve their tricks and reaching their full potential.


What does Tiff love most about being a teacher at The Pole Gym?

I love seeing people achieve things they never thought would be possible for them.  Pole has no barriers.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to teach people with vision impairments, hearing impairments, Muslim women, women with only 1 arm, women in their 60’s, women suffering from anxiety and depression … the list goes on and each comes with their own inspirational empowering story to share. Its’ a privilege to be a part of their journeys.


What is Tiff’s number one reason you should join The Pole Gym?

Because you never know what you’re capable of until you give it a try, and I know you’ll love it!


What is Tiff’s tip for when you’re just starting out?

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It’s okay to take your time and enjoy the journey.  Everyone gets there in the end so don’t compare yourself to the person on the pole next to you, rather focus on your own journey and have fun!