2020 Workshops

Week Two: 6th – 12th January 2020

90 minute workshops: $35 each
60 minute workshops: $25 each

Buy 5 workshops and get the 6th one FREE!
Contact us at reception to claim your free workshop.

Beginners Pole Workshops can be booked online under Book a Trial Class
All other workshops can be booked through reception either over the counter or by phone.

OFFICE HOURS: Please note, we have no ‘set’ office hours throughout Workshop Weeks. Instead, please call us ANY TIME & if you can’t reach us, please leave us a message so we can call back. We will be in the studio at various times & can arrange a time to open reception for you if required.

Workshop Descriptions


Dance Dirtier: All your favourite moves from Dance Dirty with more advanced tricks thrown in! You should be confident with inverted leg hangs and single-handed spins. Knee pads, thigh grip and heels are a must! Bring your fiercest attitude and most confident struts for 90 minutes of hard-and-fast hotness! It’s time to Dance Dirtier!

Flexibility Clinic: Work through safe stretching techniques & trouble shoot any flexibility issues! Designed to help safely improve your flexibility so you can nail those flexi-tricks and pole moves.

Grads Tricks – Combos: Smooth transitions differentiate a good pole dancer from a great one! Learn advanced trick combinations and work on linking them flawlessly!

Grads Tricks – Get Grippy: What’s a girl (or guy) gotta do to get more grip? Try out cool alternative grips like elbow grip, funky grip, back grip, butt grip, tummy grip and clamps! Come and get grippy!

Handsprings and Shoulder Mounts: Improve your technique and build strength and confidence in these two difficult strength moves. You might also learn a few of their fun variations! Must be confident in aerial invert and butterfly to participate.

Introduction to Tissu: Tissu (also known as aerial silks) is a fun and challenging way to build strength and get creative in the air. Learn foundational moves like climbs and foot locks plus some insta-worthy poses!

Duo Lyra: Lyra is a beautiful acrobatic art-form performed on aerial hoops. Learn the art of this apparatus with both a solo and duo lyra workshop available under the expert guidance of esteemed lyra artist Tami Dawson.

Seductress: Immerse yourself in the sexy, cheeky, sensual elements of pole dance in these seductress workshops! Choose from chair, chair & pole, exotic or sexy stripper options!

Splits Stretch: Specifically targeted to improving front and middle splits flexibility and learn a range of stretch techniques to help master these ultimate flexi-goals! All levels welcome!


Acro Tricks: Learn a range of floor based acro skills that help build strength, balance and flexibility. Working both individually and in pairs, these tricks can add a whole new dimension to your next performance piece!

Beginner Pole: Perfect for anyone new to pole, or existing beginner students that want some extra practice! We’ll take you through a selection of tricks from beginner’s curriculum then link them together with some fun choreography!

Beginner Heels Routine: Bring your high heels and sassy attitude to this fun workshop where you will discover tips and tricks for dancing in heels! Then show off your new skills in a sizzling routine!

Booty Routine: Have fun and work up a sweat while you shake, pop, and twerk your booty! This workshop will cover a range of booty popping techniques, then put them together in a fun routine with your best ASSet being the focus! Suitable for all levels.

Contortion: Learn how to safely and effectively increase flexibility across your whole body to eventually bend into awe inspiring positions!

Dance Cardio: Time to work up a sweat! This high intensity, dance based cardio workshop is one big party! Bounce, twerk and shimmy your way through easy to follow dance sequences that are so much fun you won’t even notice it’s a workout!

Country Cardio: Like our Dance Cardio workshop, only specifically dedicated to country music and moves! This fun, high energy country themed workout is guaranteed to be a tush pushin’, boot scootin’ good time!

Dance Dirty: This workshop is dedicated to the sexy style of pole dance. Bring your heels and kneepads and learn a sexy pole dance routine that will make you blush! All levels welcome. 

Flexi-Tricks for the Un-Flexi: Do you covet those flexi moves, but feel hamstrung by tight hamstrings!? Never fear! In this workshop you’ll discover how to fake it ‘til you make it!  Learn some fun faux flexi variations and start to work with what you’ve got!

Men’s Tricks: A tricks workshop specifically catered for men! Think climbs, lifts, flag holds – no dancing involved. Open to all levels, including complete beginners!

Pole-Barre: A barre style workout with poles! Inspired by ballet barre training, this workshop will help build strong, lean muscles and improve active flexibility.  All levels welcome!

Pole Routine (Various): These workshops celebrate The Pole Gym’s love of all different styles of dance! Learn a new choreographed pole routine in each workshop, each with a different style and flair! Suitable for all levels.

Spin Tricks: Time to get dizzy and learn some fun spinner pole tricks and combos! All levels welcome –  there will be some tricks for everyone!

Tricks 1-3: This workshop will focus on key level 1-3 tricks and is perfect for beginner students wanting to recap technique and learn some fun new combos and transitions, or for higher level students wanting to perfect technique. No inverted tricks are included.

Tricks 3-5: This workshop will focus on key level 3-5 tricks and is perfect for intermediate students wanting to recap technique and learn some fun new combos and transitions, or for higher level students wanting to perfect technique. Tricks like inverts, leg-hangs and laybacks may be included.

Tricks 6-8: This workshop will focus on key level 6-8 tricks and is perfect for intermediate students wanting to recap technique and learn some fun new combos and transitions, or for grads level students wanting to perfect technique. Tricks like butterfly, superman and aerial combos may be included.

Exotic Bootcamp: Build the strength and stamina required to perfectly execute exotic dance and floorwork moves! Heels are a necessity in this workshop.