Workshop Week 2018

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Workshop Week Pricing & Specials

All workshops $20

Buy 5 workshops get 1 free (Use code Pole6for5 to bring your total down to $100 from $120)
Buy 8 workshops get 2 free (Use code Pole10for8 to bring your total down to $160 from $200)


Workshops should be booked online. Please bring your confirmation booking email (website order confirmation) to your workshop either in printed form or ready to show on your phone to the instructor, as there is no official reception time during Workshop Week.

Please see our  event page on Facebook for any updates!

OFFICE HOURS: Please note, we have no ‘set’ office hours throughout Workshop Week. Instead, please call us ANY TIME & if you can’t reach us, please leave us a message so we can call back. We will be in the studio at various times & can arrange a time to open reception for you if required.

Workshop Descriptions

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)
Lyra lovers this is for you! Suited to advanced level students. Work on those combos, flips and splits. Let’s throw in some knee and ankle hangs just for fun!

Acro Circus
Ever wondered what it’d be like to join the circus? Let’s learn some acro moves and holds and go tumbling! Just don’t run away and join the circus because we’ll miss you!

Chair Striptease
A cheeky Christmas themed striptease, utilising the chair as a prop to Kay Martin’s ‘I know just what you want for Christmas’. Bring a robe, and layers to strip off (top and bottom). Christmas themed attire recommended!

Pole Tricks Level 5+
Get your mixed tricks fix! Suited to levels 5+. Learn some new tricks that aren’t in our level curriculum. Get those cameras ready, hold that pose and smile…through the pain!

Fix My Tricks
This workshop is designed for you to get some tips and advice on any of the tricks from this year that you found you didn’t quite master….yet. All instructors have different tips and tricks for different moves that they found challenging themselves. Bring yourself and your level 1 to grads tricks you’re stuck with. Let’s fix these tricks!

Flexibility Clinic
Work towards your flexibility goals for 2019. You will be working on active flexibility, learn everything from basic stretching through to contortion! improve flexibility, work on technique & problem solve those ‘stuck points’.

Dance Dirtier
Hair flicks, heel slams, stripper kicks and booty rolls, yes please! A whole hour of everyone’s favourite dirty dancing!

Pole Tricks Level 1-4
Get your mixed tricks fix! Suited to levels 1-4. Learn some new tricks that aren’t in our level curriculum. Challenge yourself with something new, or work towards a brand new trick to master in 2019!

Xmas Lap Dance
Learn a sexy lapdance to Ariana Grande ‘Wit it this Christmas’. Suited to all levels including beginners! Heels are suitable for this routine. Sexy Christmas themed attire encouraged!

Pole Newbies
If you’ve never done pole before or are in level 1 this is for you! We’ll take you through a selection of tricks from our Level 1 course curriculum. Learn how to put your new pole tricks into some basic choreography and linking moves for a great cardio workout! We guarantee there will be lots of fun and laughs in a supportive environment.

Hella Heels
Heads, shoulders, heels and toes! Head rolls, shoulder rolls, sexy heels and for the love of pole, point your toes!

Mega Pole Sculpt
Let’s face it – this is a dangerous time of year when it comes to keeping up our fitness! Before the main festivities begin, work hard in Nomes’ specialty super sweaty, jelly arms and baby giraffe-legs mega sculpt sesh! A whole hour of sculpt…sorry in advance if you have a manual car!!

Men’s Pole Tricks
Men doing manly things! We have plenty of co-ed options at The Pole Gym, but just like gymnastics, there are some differences between men’s and women’s pole and this workshop is all about the guys! Tricks only workshop –  climbs, lifts, flag holds – no dancing involved!

Hand-stands, Pole-stands & Press-stands
Work on handstands & elbowstands to poles & walls as well as tips on press-standing for those that are ready. You’ll also get to play with some pretty handstand and elbow stand poses against the pole, making different shapes with your body & legs. You can even try some double shapes with a partner!

Advanced Tricks (Grads)
OMG you want me to do what now?! Challenge yourself with some new advanced moves – flips and holds, invert combos, and everyone’s favourites brass monkeys and shouldermounts!

Beginner Spin Tricks
Spin pole is so mesmerising to watch and is also a lot of fun too! If you’re new to spin, then this workshop is for you! Learn how to put those static pole muscles into spin training. Pretty pole holds, layouts and pointy toes! Don’t worry, you won’t be going upside-down – we’ll just go slow! Come and get a feel of what it’s like to ‘fly’!

Dance Concepts
Let’s get back to basics! Revising (or learning!) dance techniques and strength exercises that will help with all aspects of pole – especially your dance ability! Time will be spent on getting your toe points down (because we need that!) and general muscle strength training.

Allow your cheeky inner sex kitten out to play! Learn new tricks to allure, bedazzle and tease. You will need thigh high socks or stockings, heels (slip on’s preferable) and gloves if you have them – let’s get feisty!

Christmas Seductress – Pole Dance
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…at The Pole Gym! Get your naughty Santa’s lil’ helper on in this fun sexy pole routine to “Let it Snow” by Kylie Minogue. Spice it up with your favourite cheeky outfit! Open to all levels, heels are optional.

Splits & Straddles
Who wants to do the splits? Everyone! But you can get there faster if you drop in for this class. Learn the fundamentals of getting your front and side splits in a safe way (nobody needs pulled muscles) and take those techniques with you to keep practicing. Its the gift that keeps on giving.

Floor Flow
Ever wondered how pole dancers make their floorwork and linking moves look so easy and fluid? It’s harder than it looks! Come and learn for yourself – you’ll learn some key floor moves and transitions around the base of the pole – and you’ll get a great workout while you’re there! Be sure to wear knee pads, leg warmers or long pants to this class.

Spin Tricks Level 4+
Let’s go spinning upside-down!!! The combos are tricks are getting harder – learn how to control your speed while inverting and continuing on with your tricks combo. From climbs to pole holds, into layouts & laybacks, and then flip it upside-down! There’s lots of different variations to work on.

Advanced Pole Foundations
This workshop focuses on some of the ‘foundation’ moves that form the basis of many advanced level pole tricks: aerial inverts, shoulder mounts, brass monkeys and handsprings. Learn some new tips or refresh your technique and improve your confidence! The workshop also includes specific conditioning drills to help progress in advanced pole. Pr-requisites – must have completed our Level 8 (or equivalent – can do all the above tricks or just starting)

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