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Our six week courses will allow you to enjoy a mix of fun, dance and fitness in a safe environment as you progress all the way through to Level 8 and beyond to Pole Graduates.

Each level incorporates learning a full break-down of core technique for the pole ‘tricks’ while at the same time teaching you a fantastic structured dance routine that will take your mind off that dreaded word – ‘exercise’.

By learning our course routines, you will discover the art of pole tricks and dancing of so many different forms – from the sensual and slinky right through to contemporary, Latin, cabaret and hip hop.

We know how to combine flavours of all sorts of dance styles to ensure that you get the most out of your pole workouts. We also have ‘On the Side’ courses focussed just on the ‘sensual’ side of pole dancing as well as ‘Spinner Pole’ courses for all levels from Spin-Introduction up to Spin-Obsession.

Level 1Level 1:

Our Level 1 courses are designed for women who have never done pole.  We focus on your first climbs and spins – everything you need to know about Beginner’s pole dancing.  The sassy styled dance routine is so much fun to learn and Level 1 is suitable for all fitness types with no level of dance experience required.  Make sure you take advantage of our free unlimited casual classes offer for new Level 1’s as this will greatly enhance your experience and provide extra fitness benefits!


Level 2Level 2:

Focus on slow, controlled pole tricks and movement in a contemporary inspired routine that builds on the techniques learned in level 1.  Find your flow, lines and grace all while building strength and toning.



Level 3Level 3:

Pole tricks designed to prepare you for the world of upside down pole moves, combined into a fun routine full of attitude – level 3 will certainly build your endurance and is lots of fun.



Level 3.5Level 3.5 (Inverts):

A course designed to focus solely on your first inverts (going upside down) and all the right conditioning exercises to help increase strength and control so your inverts look clean and are safe.  Aerial inverts are introduced towards the end of the course.



Level 4Level 4:

A jazzy routine that will have you climbing higher on the pole and introducing inverts into the performance.  This level is a great bridge between lower and intermediate levels of pole.



Level 5

Level 5:

Time to embrace that sexy, sensual style of pole dance, all while increasing the difficulty level of the pole tricks with your first laybacks and more.



Level 6

Level 6:

High intensity, latin flavoured – and those tricks are getting trickier! Level 6 includes your first leg hangs amongst other new challenges.



Level 7

Level 7:

Elbow stands, butterflies and your first ‘drop’ tricks are some of the challenges you’ll find as an upper level intermediate poler.  Combining these with the hard hitting Level 7 choreography increases your pole stamina



Level 8

Level 8:

The final level where the routine structure is based on all students performing the same tricks at the same time, including aerial inverts, leg hang changes, superman combos and more – this rock inspired routine represents a rite of passage into our Graduates pole program.

Graduates Foundations:

A tricks only course that introduces all the fundamental technique needed to prepare you for Grads Tricks levels. Run over two terms with a different set of tricks for each term, the course also includes more specific conditioning drills to prepare you for advanced pole.

Grads Tricks 1, 2 & 3:

Tricks only courses focused on lower to higher advanced pole moves.  Rather than focusing on finishing a level then moving up, these are programs designed to keep you challenged working on tricks suited to your level of strength, flexibility and endurance.  “Breakdown” terms will teach the technique of pole tricks and “Mastering” terms will focus on perfecting content and combining trick elements into longer combinations.  Your teacher will let you know if they feel you’d be better suited to a more advanced group whenever the time comes, but in the meantime you’ll have plenty of content to keep you inspired and motivated. As a general guide, a student moving from Grads 1 to Grads 2 will be performing moves suitable for local amateur level pole competitions, while a Grads 3 student will perform tricks suitable to enter a state level amateur competition.

Grads Show:

At The Pole Gym we feel it’s very important that students continue to develop their dance and performance skills, rather than simply working on pole tricks.  All Graduates level students (from foundations through to Grads 3) are encouraged to enrol in our 12 week pole show courses that are the feature performance at our studio show nights.  Unlike Levels 1-8 that are set routines with everyone performing the same pole tricks, Grads Show courses include feature pole trick sections that allow the student to showcase the pole tricks and combinations they are best at.  The Show itself can range from a non-themed choreography piece, through to themed and costumed choreography, through to character and plot based shows, through to pole theatre.  We pride ourselves on the creativity of our shows and invite you to be part of them as a Grad student, or to come and watch them at our show nights.

Spinning Pole Courses:

In the pole world, spinning pole is just as, if not more important than, static pole. (A spinning pole is where the pole keeps spinning using ball bearings, driven by your momentum).  Although our Levels 1-8 program is static pole focused, we have a range of spinning pole courses available for students to develop spinning pole skills.

Starting with Spin-Introduction (suitable for Levels 2 and up), moving onto Spin-Evolution (suitable for Levels 4 and up), then Spin-Addiction (suited to Levels 6 and up), Spin-Passion (suitable for Levels 8 and up) and finally Spin-Obsession (suited to Grads level students).

Please contact us to find out which spinning levels are running in our upcoming intake and take advantage of the discounts offered to combine these courses with a static level course in the same term. We strongly recommend that all of our pole students take a spinning course every few terms as they move up through our static pole levels.

Seductress Courses:

You may see that some pole studios try to distance themselves completely from the sensual or sexy side of pole dance in favour of promoting pole as a sport.  At The Pole Gym, we proudly celebrate all styles – pole as a sport, as an artform and also classic, sexy pole dance.

Our core routines and our focus on studio show nights are an expression of pole art – and the conditioning and tricks we learn in class represent pole sport.  Our Seductress courses (and our casual Dance Dirty classes) delve into the fun, sexy, cheeky, slinky, sensual, naughty, feminine elements of pole dance.  We run three main types of Seductress courses:

Seductress Pole Dance courses, where the focus is all about the sexy choreography, rather than teaching new pole trick technique. There are often pole tricks in the routine and the focus is moved towards how to make the move look slinky, rather than the level of difficulty.  Some routines are for all levels (even students who haven’t started pole tricks yet) and some are level specific.

Seductress Chair Dance courses, where we use a chair as a performance prop and dance apparatus rather than the pole.  Learn fun tricks on the chair as well as how to move in a sensual way around it and link with sexy floor moves.

Seductress Lap Dance courses, where you can learn the art of lap dance, pretending that there is someone sitting in the chair.  Learn for fun (and a great workout!), or to perform for someone special at home – or both!

Please contact us to find out which Seductress courses are running in our upcoming intake and take advantage of the discounts offered to combine these courses other courses in the same term.

Men’s Tricks:

Just like gymnastics, there are differences between the fundamental pole tricks for guys and girls.  As our Level 1-8 courses are female only courses, the men’s tricks course introduces you to foundational level pole tricks and conditioning exercises in a program designed for men.  Once a certain level is achieved, on teacher’s advice, our male students can move onto our Graduates Tricks program.  At our studio, we are strong supporters of increasing the number of men in pole competitions and we encourage all guys to give it a go!  Please contact us for more info and to book a place.


Lyra is the beautiful acrobatic art-form performed on suspended hoops. It builds up a lot of strength while you also have a lot of fun. Lots of pole students find that Lyra becomes their new love and vice versa, as both of these apparatus compliment the other and help the student achieve goals in both.

We run 3 week and 6 week Lyra courses that are sometimes mixed level and other times level specific.  Please contact us to find out which Lyra courses are running in our upcoming intake and take advantage of the discounts offered to combine these courses other courses in the same term.

Flexi Goals:

Flexi Goals is designed to increase flexibility in a structured course that builds on itself from week to week, great for polers aiming to master pole tricks that require flexibility as well as non-polers who would like to be more bendy.

Acro Addicts:

Acro Addicts involves working on handstands as well as other gymnastic and acrobatic elements (solo, pair and group work) in a course environment.  Acro is very commonly included as part of pole routines, particularly in competition, so this course is especially useful for polers to develop their acro skills.

We’re all about offering our students variety at The Pole Gym, so on each timetable you’ll find other specialty courses. Please contact us for more info on any courses you see on our timetables that aren’t detailed here.

Pole-Mania is a casual pole dancing workout class for all levels. You can put in the tricks you are learning each week in your course into the routine that is made up on the spot by the instructors. The main aim here is to jump in and give it a go. Don’t worry if you don’t pick up the exact steps or get the trick right – it’s all about getting your body moving. Different song styles each week ensure you won’t get bored.

Pole-Circuit is a different version of Pole-Sculpt explained below. Same idea and still all levels but run in a circuit which makes for lots of fun and maximum workout!

Pole-Sculpt is combination of traditional exercise sets (such as push-ups, squats, crunches, etc) mixed in with pole lifts and climbs for an all over body workout. This is a great way to get fit, to keep fit – and to increase the strength you need for the pole tricks in your course. Choose the level you want to work at and then push yourself for the whole hour.

Trick-Sculpt is similar to Pole-Sculpt, but expect to drop the traditional exercises and work out with pole tricks

Pole-Trix is a class all about spins, climbs and lifts. It’s a great class designed to help you get the best out of your current level tricks by improving control, technique and variations.

Pole-Stretch is for all levels and works on flexibility to help your pole tricks look even more beautiful!

Pole-Nastics is an acro and tumbling class taken by a gymnastics coach, fun for all levels.

Dance-Fitness is a ballet barre style workout using the pole! Our ballet teacher will take you through an elegant and energetic fitness class to improve balance, flexibility, stamina and coordination.

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