I’m new to pole


Thinking of joining a Level 1 Beginner course at The Pole Gym? Read our FAQ to see how it all works:

Level classes  – You will need bare leg and inner thigh skin for pole.

Lyra – Leggings will be needed!

Floor flow – Knee pads and/or leggings are recommended.

Dance Dirty/Seductress – Feel free to get sexy with heels in our Dance Dirty casual and Seductress courses. We have a cupboard full of pole heels for you to borrow and try on in the studio. Knee pads are sometimes necessary as well.

Stretch, Pilates and Trigger & Release – leggings are recommended.

Otherwise, you just need to wear comfortable clothes suitable for physical activity. If you’re unsure about any particular class, you can always message us and ask!

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do NOT moisturise the day of your class, either your legs or your hands! It will prevent you from being able to grip the pole properly.
We also ask that you don’t wear rings or bracelets (as they will scratch the poles) and that you ensure any other jewellery won’t get in your way (e.g. dangly earrings, long necklaces).

The minimum requirement is just yourself and your outfit! However, we do advise bringing a water bottle, and also bring a small cloth or towel to ‘de-sweat’ during class.

The Level 1 course is the best place to start and is perfect for women who have never done pole before! You only need to choose one Level 1 course time to book into, which becomes your scheduled class time – but you can also come train as much as you like.  Some courses tend to book out very quickly, so make sure you get at least a deposit down as soon as you can.
If you’re not sure about doing a course, book a trial class first at your preferred location – but remember if course bookings are open, they can book out quickly, so we recommend checking which Level 1 course time you would like to do and checking how many places are left before doing your trial class.

The course consists of 6 x 1 hour classes with your own guaranteed pole to learn a Level 1 pole dancing routine that builds on itself each week, so that by the end of the course you have learned your first full routine of pole tricks (like climbing and spinning) as well as choreography to keep you moving.

Although you aren’t required to come more than once per week to learn the Level 1 routine, you are entitled to extra training options at the studio as a course student.
Included as part of your course fee, you can to come in and train in a designated training area at most opening times, just like having access to a gym. Coming to practice your course work will help you remember the routine and feel more confident with your pole tricks – as well as providing extra fitness benefits!
Your studio will advise if there are times when it’s not suitable to come and train. Please see each studio’s timetable for available opening hours.

You are also entitled to attend designated sessions open to all enrolled course students – where all of the poles become ‘practice poles’ and one of our instructors is there just to supervise the practice for students of all levels and give an extra hand – these times are especially useful if you happen to miss one of your classes or if you want to make sure you nail those tricks! Please see the timetables for these sessions, which are often called “Supervised Training” “Course Catch-ups” or “Open Practice” times.

You can even jump in and join other Level 1 times for that week if there are poles available, which can be a great way to catch up if you miss your scheduled time.

Also, check to see if your closest studio is offering a deal for unlimited casuals to go with your course for the upcoming term!

Our studios offer a variety of ways you can pay your course fees. You pay your fees upfront in full via cash, EFTPOS, online, or bank transfer before your first class, or we offer direct debit facilities via Ezidebit Australia. Please see each studio’s price list for a full list of fees.

We recommend that all new Level 1 students combine their course with casual classes to gain maximum fitness benefits, so we offer complimentary (yes, free!) unlimited casual classes with your first Level 1 course.  Please see pricing & specials for each studio to check if you need to book in before a certain date to access the casuals and to find out when you can start attending the casual classes.

The reason we like you to do both the casual and the course classes is that you get different but important benefits from both!

The course will focus on fun, fitness and technique – so you will get fitness benefits, but we will also slow down to teach you exactly ‘how’ to execute pole tricks (such as climbing the pole) – so that you can progress up to the advanced levels where you will get all over fitness benefits just by doing the tricks themselves. All the students in your class will be Level 1 students, so we can take the time to give you the detail you need.

The casual classes are focused on fun and fitness for all levels and keep you moving for the whole class, without stopping as much to work on pole technique (aside from safety / posture etc). Some are pole casuals and some are off the pole (such as stretch classes). Casual classes offer lots of fun and variety and most importantly, extra fitness benefits – you will get stronger, fitter, more coordinated, more flexible and more confident if you attend the casual classes with your course.

Casual classes on offer will vary across studios and terms, so to see our timetable page to check out what’s on at Brisbane City, Capalaba or Sunshine Coast.

You can come along to other Level 1 course times to catch up in the same week as long as there is a pole free – just tell the teacher which time you are normally enrolled in.   Or attend Course Catch-Ups or Open Practice sessions to do a make-up class. We are very flexible, so you if you have any questions or are thinking about whether to book in or not because you will miss some course time, please just give us a call or email us to discuss.

When you first visit The Pole Gym, you will sign an initial health screening waiver and agreement that explains that our membership fees are zero, our joining fees are zero, and then lists the full prices of all our standard course, casual classes and functions that you might like to book into as fitness services at the centre. Courses are considered to be ‘single products’ that have been used once the course begins and cannot be broken down into individual payments.

Please consider your choices carefully, as all fees paid for fitness services (such as courses) are non-refundable or transferable. Exceptions are made only at management’s sole discretion. Due to the fact that we have maximum class numbers and that each enrolment effectively books out a pole in the class for the full 6 weeks, refunds and transfers are very rarely granted after the first scheduled class has passed. This is because we are usually unable to fill a spot once the course has started. If we do provide a refund or transfer of credit, it will be minus any fees for classes already taken and minus, at minimum, an administration fee of 10% of your total course price. Please understand that we require a medical certificate or similar if we approve a full or partial refund or credit transfer.

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Contact your nearest studio from the contact page for any questions or if you would like to secure a spot, or you can book online. Remember, they can go very quickly for certain course times, so if you’re not quite ready but want to check how many spaces are available, please feel free to give us a call.

We hope to see you soon in the studio for your first pole class – you’re going to love the fun, dance and fitness on offer at The Pole Gym.


Testimonial Jessica


I’m a newby here and I love it! The girls are all so wonderful and friendly, super super supportive also! Everyone should do pole fitness! It’s awesome

Testimonial Nicole


Such a great place to learn pole. I have gained a whole lot of strength and found a type of activity I love that is challenging, as well as making lots of new friends!

Testimonials Jade


This is the best place for getting fit! The girls (my pole sisters) are all so supportive and wonderful, my self esteem and confidence have grown just from coming to this wonderful space! I am so glad I did it!


Love the Atmosphere at the Pole gym, such a wonderful group of supportive girls who love nothing more than to motivate, encourage and inspire me every time I enter the doors. This is one place where I go and leave all life’s problems at the door and unwind with lots of fun and laughter while perfecting my tricks and choreo…. I have lost 10Kg in the past year while at the pole gym and have toned up all over…. Get fit while having fun!!!!