Trial Class

The Pole Gym Brisbane City Trial Classes are only $20! Pole and Aerial Lyra and Aerial Tissu!

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While we might not be handing out free passes, we’re handing you the real deal. A chance to experience the transformational power of pole dance fitness in its entirety.

Simply put – we’re committed to ensuring that every new student steps into our studio gets a complete and accurate taste of what we offer. Our weekly classes are carefully designed to take you on a progressive journey through the world of pole dance fitness, and we want you to experience this in a trial class as well! Your 1 hour long trial class is structured just like a regular levels class to include a warm up, class instruction and a cool down to safely progress you through a typical class so you know what to expect right from the start!

We value our expert instructors who bring their skill, dedication, and knowledge to every class. It’s important to us that their time and expertise are fairly compensated. After all, they’re here to guide you, refine your technique, and help you achieve your fitness goals safely.

At The Pole Gym, we’re all about providing you with the most authentic and enriching pole dance experience. We believe in giving you the full picture right from the start. Join us at The Pole Gym, where every class is a step toward discovering a stronger, more confident you.

Your pole journey starts here.