Read the reviews real students of The Pole Gym left for us on Facebook.

    5 star review  I decided to try pole about three months ago to spice up my fitness and try to bring back a dancing aspect into my life again. I have now just finished Level 3 and moving to Level 4 and absolutely love it! I look forward to coming to class and coming to the gym to practice (even on weekends). Everyone is super supportive and I can't wait to continue my pole journey. Would highly recommend!

    thumb Christina Hayes

    5 star review  I got inspired to try pole after seeing a show in New York. I started at The Pole Gym about 6 months ago and have loved working through the levels classes and trying different styles through casual classes. The instructors are really knowledgeable about the tricks, but also about safety and injury prevention. I love coming here after a busy day at work to relax, get fit and challenge myself.

    thumb Jamie Atari Gajewski

    5 star review  Fun atmosphere with coaches that cater to all leave of fitness/strength for the guys classes. I love the acrobatic tricks but the static strength tricks really impress your friends. Nothing works out my abs and core like pole does!

    thumb Alex Ander

    5 star review  This place is amazing! Everyone is super nice, encouraging and supportive and it honestly feels like a family. I've made so many friends since starting in August 2016. I love that you don't need dance experience and it is suitable for all fitness levels. It's a really fun way to build fitness and strength. I definitely recommend giving it a go!

    thumb Lauren Parkinson

    5 star review  I started Pole Dancing in October 2015 mainly because i wanted an incentive to lose weight and did not want to go to the standard Gyms. I also did not have a lot of experience with dancing and fitness exercises. Some 19 months after, I have gained great fitness and also wonderful friends! The instructors are amazingly supportive. It's a great way to gain muscle strength in a fun atmosphere! Try it!

    thumb Odile Hbh Williams

    5 star review  So much love for this place <3 it's easy to reach and timetables are flexible. Everyone is also so nice, positive and encouraging here. Do come and try out !

    thumb Jennifer Lee

    5 star review  A fun, safe and supportive environment for both women and men for pole fitness. Knowledgeable trainers and great atmosphere. Excellent for general fitness and health, in particular improving stamina, strength and flexibility. After two years here I enjoy all on offer even more than when I first started.

    thumb Te Muranga Ariana

    5 star review  I've been at the pole gym for about 2 years now. I love this place! The courses and casual classes are so much fun and a great workout. And I've made some great friends here, it's such a nice community to be a part of. I definitely recommend it!!!

    thumb Delilah Crane