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Brisbane City Studio students

The friendly students and instructors at the studio make it a great environment to learn - plus it's such a fun way to get fit!

Mim Ahmat Avatar
Mim Ahmat
16 Aug 2018

Awesome way for guys (and girls) to increase core and upperbody strength. Work your way up to flags, iron X, pops and flips.

Fun work out enviroment, with friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

Bob Bingles Avatar
Bob Bingles
16 Aug 2018

I decided to try pole about three months ago to spice up my fitness and try to bring back a dancing aspect into my life again. I have now just finished Level 3 and moving to Level 4 and absolutely love it! I look forward to coming to class and coming to the gym to practice (even on weekends). Everyone is super supportive and I can't wait to continue my pole journey. Would highly recommend!

Christina Hayes Avatar
Christina Hayes
29 Jun 2018

I got inspired to try pole after seeing a show in New York. I started at The Pole Gym about 6 months ago and have loved working through the levels classes and trying different styles through casual classes. The instructors are really knowledgeable about the tricks, but also about safety and injury prevention. I love coming here after a busy day at work to relax, get fit and challenge myself.

Jamie Atari Gajewski Avatar
Jamie Atari Gajewski
13 Apr 2018

Fun atmosphere with coaches that cater to all leave of fitness/strength for the guys classes. I love the acrobatic tricks but the static strength tricks really impress your friends. Nothing works out my abs and core like pole does!

Alex Ander Avatar
Alex Ander
13 Apr 2018

Absolutely love the classes and teachers. A++

Malvika Malhotra Avatar
Malvika Malhotra
10 Jul 2017

Fantastic teachers who support you and everyone in the gym is friendly. Before you know it, you've formed new friends who become your pole family!

Cici Nguyen Avatar
Cici Nguyen
16 May 2017

This place is amazing! Everyone is super nice, encouraging and supportive and it honestly feels like a family. I've made so many friends since starting in August 2016. I love that you don't need dance experience and it is suitable for all fitness levels. It's a really fun way to build fitness and strength. I definitely recommend giving it a go!

Lauren Parkinson Avatar
Lauren Parkinson
10 May 2017

I started Pole Dancing in October 2015 mainly because i wanted an incentive to lose weight and did not want to go to the standard Gyms. I also did not have a lot of experience with dancing and fitness exercises. Some 19 months after, I have gained great fitness and also wonderful friends! The instructors are amazingly supportive. It's a great way to gain muscle strength in a fun atmosphere! Try it!

Odile Hbh Williams Avatar
Odile Hbh Williams
09 May 2017

So much love for this place

Jennifer Lee Avatar
Jennifer Lee
08 May 2017

Friendly, fun and great staff and teachers. Would recommend, especially for anyone looking for a gym alternative.

Zilla Gordon Avatar
Zilla Gordon
13 Jan 2017

Great class, great instructor (with a lot of patience) see you next week 🙂

Charlotte Allen Avatar
Charlotte Allen
11 Aug 2016

Great instructors, great facilities and great fun.

Emma Williams Avatar
Emma Williams
20 Jun 2016

Give it a go! I've been coming here for a few years now. The BNE pole gym has a wonderful, supportive environment and excellent instructors. I've made new friends & have never been stronger or more fit.

Tess Sleight Avatar
Tess Sleight
21 Jul 2015

Been dancing and training here for about a year and love it! All the instructors are super friendly and helpful, really great atmosphere, and the classes are heaps of fun 🙂

Alex Wilson Avatar
Alex Wilson
21 Jul 2015

A very fun way to get fit in a fun environment. Plus, the instructors are all very helpful and friendly.

Stefani Angela Gunawan Avatar
Stefani Angela Gunawan
08 May 2015

An amazing way to get fit in an awesome atmosphere!

Great friendly staff that make you sure you enjoy the new challenges that lay ahead.

Highly recommend this way of fitness 🙂

Tracey ONeill Avatar
Tracey ONeill
03 Feb 2015

Pole dancing is my favourite new hobby! It's so much fun and the people at the pole gym, teachers and students are so supportive and helpful!. Feels like a second home now 🙂

Amy Zanatta Avatar
Amy Zanatta
01 Dec 2014

A fun, safe and supportive environment for both women and men for pole fitness. Knowledgeable trainers and great atmosphere. Excellent for general fitness and health, in particular improving stamina, strength and flexibility. After two years here I enjoy all on offer even more than when I first started.

Te Muranga Ariana Avatar
Te Muranga Ariana
13 Sep 2014

The only form of exercise I've ever actually enjoyed!

Caitlyn Small Avatar
Caitlyn Small
02 Sep 2014

I've been at the pole gym for about 2 years now. I love this place! The courses and casual classes are so much fun and a great workout. And I've made some great friends here, it's such a nice community to be a part of. I definitely recommend it!!!

Delilah Tometzki Avatar
Delilah Tometzki
01 Sep 2014

Absolutely amazing! Love pole dancing! You meet so many people and the instructors are so good! I encourage anyone and everyone to take part in The Pole Gym 🙂

Lauren Gracie Avatar
Lauren Gracie
27 May 2014

I've been doing classes at the Pole Gym for nearly two years, and I absolutely love it! It's amazing for strength and fitness and the classes progress slowly so you won't feel left behind. I would highly recommend you give it a shot.

Margot Kelly Avatar
Margot Kelly
12 May 2014

An hour goes too quickly at the Pole Gym. It is the most fun way to exercise, and before you know it your fit and strong. Love it!

Lynn Anderson Johnstone Avatar
Lynn Anderson Johnstone
11 May 2014

Very good way to keep fit and gives a real sense of personal achievement when learning new tricks and routines. Heaps of fun and highly recommended as the atmosphere and instructors are all lively and wonderful!

Ruby Nguyen Avatar
Ruby Nguyen
14 Jan 2014

If you were to contemplate joining a gym, I would highly recommend The Pole Gym.

Not only have I found that learning how to pole dance is an exciting experience (that everyone should give a go at least once in their life), The Pole Gym also offers heaps of fun dance and exercise casual classes to motivate you to workout and smile through the bruises and sore muscles.

Normally, I drop out of going to the gym after a few months due to lack of motivation and boredom, but not this time! I can't seem to get enough.

In addition,...
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Bianca Zou Avatar
Bianca Zou
13 Jan 2014

This is my fav place ever, so friendly and I can't believe working out is so much fun and its amazing how quickly you learn and get better 🙂

Emma Lawell Avatar
Emma Lawell
13 Jan 2014

I started here over a year ago and have loved every week of it! The instructors are friendly and patient, fellow students are super supportive and there's always tonnes of casual classes - everything from stretching to Zumba to casual dance. I came in expecting it would be horribly stereotypical and got the nicest surprise of my life. Give it a try, you won't regret it!

Mikhael Rakauskas Avatar
Mikhael Rakauskas
13 Jan 2014

Get Fit and Have Fun is the Pole Gym way. Amazing and talented staff are there to help you acheive your fitness and pole goals, while you are in a supportive and encouraging environment. Classess are fun and you always have a good laugh with fellow students.

Jessica Fursey Avatar
Jessica Fursey
13 Jan 2014

I have just completed level 1 and am so impressed love it!! Level 2 here I come yay! ;p

Nicola Savage Avatar
Nicola Savage
22 Oct 2013

A fun, friendly atmosphere and some of the best teachers around! I spend 2-5 days a week here and don't regret a minute of it!

Ellie Gale Avatar
Ellie Gale
31 Jul 2013