Silks, Tissu, Lyra, Aerial Hoop, Rope, Aerial Dance at The Pole Gym Brisbane City in Burnett Lane. A place to learn aerial courses beginner friendly


Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra is the beautiful acrobatic art-form performed on aerial hoops. It builds up a lot of strength while you also have a lot of fun. Lots of pole students find that Lyra becomes their new love and vice versa, as both of these apparatus compliments the other and help you achieve goals in both!

We run 6-week Lyra courses for a range of levels! Please contact us to find out which Lyra courses are running in our upcoming intake and take advantage of the discounts offered to combine these courses other courses in the same term.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to run away and join the circus, our head aerials instructor Tami can tell you! Tami began her career as an aerialist in 2002 and has performed both nationally and internationally. In 2010 she co-founded Aerialicious, a premier entertainment company for aerialists and circus entertainment and has experience creating acts for corporate functions, special events and full stage productions. Tami began coaching in 2006 and is one of the most highly regarded aerial instructors in the country. She has a passion for educating others on how to keep their body moving at its best and is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to aerials and anatomy. As our head aerial instructor, Tami specialises in teaching all things aerials including tissu, lyra, and rope, as well as acro, contortion/flexibility and conditioning! Whether it’s at a beginner or elite level, seeing students’ progress is her favourite part of instructing! The Pole Gym Brisbane City


Tissu (Aerial Silks)

Tissu (also known as aerial silks) is a fun and challenging way to build strength and get creative in the air!

We run 6-week Tissu courses for a range of levels! Please contact us to find out which Tissu courses are running in our next term and take advantage of the discounts offered to combine these courses other courses in the same term.


Sasha danced her way through her childhood but was introduced to circus as a teenager and then pole dancing in 2016. Since then, she has bounced back and forth between lyra, flying trapeze, rope and pole but in recent years has been focussing on lyra after coaching from The Pole Gym’s head aerial instructor Tami ignited a passion for it. Sasha has competed in lyra competitions and loves performing in community circus shows. In 2021 she began her instructor training at Vulcana Circus and started teaching with The Pole Gym in 2022! Sasha is loving sharing her joy of being in the air with others.



Tissu’s spicy distant cousin with bite! While there is crossover in skills from tissue to rope, rope possesses its own unique skills and is definitely very different! If you have been wanting to try out different aerials, rope is a great option! Excellent for grip strength and upper body strength. Open to students with some rope experience, level 2+ tissu (or equivalent), level 5+ pole. Unassisted invert required, aerial invert recommended.

Aerial Rope Course and classes with aerial instructor at The Pole Gym Brisbane City


Aerial Trial Class

Lyra? Tissu? Not sure where to start?  Try an Aerial Trial Class! An introductory class open to those who haven’t done aerials before, or wanting to revisit the important fundamental skills – you’ll learn a couple of basic moves and get an idea of what it’s all about! Come have some fun and see our beautiful new studio home on Burnett Lane!

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